Our Future is Now


Our Future is Now

Reflecting on the history of Woodland Christian School, we see time and again how God has guided people to give sacrificially to make our campus what it is today. We now stand on the edge of a future that many people though was impossible, having received $5 million from two separate donors for the construction of a Performing Arts Center and a Gymnasium. 

We are moving forward in faith, believing that God will stir hearts of Cardinals everywhere to match the generosity of these two donors. Our goal is to raise another $5 million and a stretch goal of an additional $2.5 million. With these funds, we will not only complete both of these projects, but we will be able to build our new Preschool and the Elementary Learning Center.

Our approach is simple. First, we ask you to pray for these projects and specifically about how you may be able to partner with us financially in this endeavor. The second step is to give sacrificially over the next three years to help fund these projects. The final step is to share this opportunity with others.

Your generosity will not only help us complete our campus, but it will also do so much more: truly, it will change the lives of every student, WCS family, and staff member. I know, because my own life has been changed as a result of being a part of this ministry and because of people like you.

If you are interested in giving, you can click here or contact me directly at 530-662-0260. I would be happy to meet with you and share more details about this great opportunity. I am excited to watch how the Lord will continue to work in amazing ways as we pursue these projects for the glory of God and for the benefit of every WCS student and family. Our Future is Now!

David Hargadon

Director of Operations and Development

Our Future Campus

Click below to take a virtual tour of our proposed buildings. With your help, we will raise enough money to make all four buildings a reality in 2020!

Performing Arts Theater

Take Your Seat. The Performance is About to Begin!

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Seating for over 500


Lobby Area



Get the Ball Rolling

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Seating for 400


Back of Gym



Where Learning Begins

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135 Student License Capacity


Back of Preschool


Learning Center

Future Leaders Meet Here

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Inside of Learning Center


Back of Learning Center


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With all of us working together, we can accomplish great things! 

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